Odd Lemon Cares

We care about


We have a passion for beautiful unique clothing pieces.
 We rebel agains the mass produced,  We are not a big company or team, we are simply two girls who love dress up!
And we want to share that love with the world.

We care about Women


And that is why we are proud to work with local female creatives.
 All of the pieces in the Odd Lemon collections   designed and produced in Denmark.

We work with Line Studio on Oesterbro in Copenhagen, to produce our dreams. 

All the external brands we carry are owned by awesome female creators and creatives.

We care about the planet


The fashion industry is one of the most polluting and unethical industries in the world, and we are not cool with that!

We want to do things differently

Our main collection is Made-to-order and made to measure, this means that we start production of your garment when you press buy. 

Our ReMade collection is made up of recycled fabrics and customized vintage pieces. 

We try our best to source Our Odd Basics ethically, our Odd Legs are produced in Europe, our sweatshirt is WARP certified, meaning they comply with a set of working, living wage and safety conditions.
  Our teeshirts are oeko-tex & fairwear  Printed and designed in Denmark. 

We produce small scale, limited pieces, to produce the least amount of wasted materials