Where are your products produced ? 

Where are our products produced?


We collaborate with various slow fashion brands around Denmark, which we sell in our boutique and webshop.

All products in addition to our printed products are produced in Denmark and a single brand in Malmö, all by creative women who are passionate about their craft, and sustainable fashion.


Our Teeshirts, sweatshirts and other print products are produced either in Portugal, Bangladesh or India, common between the the manufacturers is that they are all Fairtrade certified, and Eco-tex certified.

You can read more about Fairtrade and Eco-tex certification here:



In summery this means that the goods we print on have been produced under proper conditions, with proper pay, that the material is organic and without harmful chemicals in the processing.


Our print products are delivered to Copenhagen, where they arrive at our local printer, that prints with organic inks and a selected few styles with transfer print.


We also sell hand-picked vintage, where we of course cannot guarantee either fair trade or eco, but one thing we can guarantee is that each piece of clothing has been hand-picked and selected by us, at vintage dealers in Germany, Denmark and England.


We are very passionate about our products and always strive to be as transparent as possible.

If you have more questions about our production, please send an email to Oddlemoncph@gmail.com with the topic "production" and we will respond to you as soon as possible.


You can read more about the individual producers on their own pages here:


Stanley / Stella


Printeri - does not currently have a website, but is located in the center of Copenhagen




Doll Darling



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