Tulip light flare pant - Water color dream

An elegant easy and comfortable pant, with a strechy waist and lightly flutet legs, this pair is perfect under our Bellflower Tunic or styled along with your own wardrobe. 

Our styles are designed to fit a spectrum, at the moment we do two ready made sizes 01 & 02
The fit varies slightly from style to style so be sure to check your mesurements in our chart with each style, for best possible fit. 

Size 01 02
Elastic waist 72 cm 80 cm
Lenght  100 cm 102 cm

Size 01 is based on size rage of 34-38 ( pants a 36-38 jumpsuit 34-36 )
Size 02 is based on a size range of 40-42 

If you fall out of the ready made style sizing we you love if you could send us a note to oddlemoncph@gmail.com so we know to expand the production according to demand :)


Odd Lemon 
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Odd Lemon is a feel good fashion brand, we try to spread the joy of dressing up, glitter and personal style, while having a focus on sustainability, local design and production.