The dolly dress, cute, comfy and consious!  Made in recycled materials mostly soft cotton, the dolly dress is the perfect fit for a consious cutie! 
The dress has a scallped collar, loose fit with a high waist and volumenus skirt going past the knees, and full length loose sleeves. Wear it alone, or layer it up with tights and a turtleneck underneath and get ready to run in the leaves!


Made in selected recycled fabrics - this means the might be signs of the fabrics earlier life, we try to avoid them as best we can but tiny imperfections is to be expected 


Soft Blue - DOLLY DRESS -S/M


Our styles are designed to fit a spectrum 
The fit varies slightly from style to style so be sure to check your mesurements in our chart with each style, for best possible fit. 


Size  S/M L/XL    
Breast 100cm 108cm    
Waist  104 cm 110cm    
sleeve Length  60cm 65cm    
Length 108 cm 119cm    

S-M is based on size rage of 34-38 
L/XL is based on a size range of 40-44
Freesize is clothing we catogorise as Being loose, "oversize" or strechy being able to fit most

If you fall out of the ready made style sizing we you love if you could send us a note to so we know to expand the production according to demand :)