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Dropping one style at the time we have dedicated rest of 2020 to the circus of life, cause thats what life is, right ? A circus filled with magical, scary, sad, happy and beautiful moments

With this two piece you are ensured a smile on your way, Inspired by the playfullness, carelessness and humor in a clowns costume this is sure to make your summer a comfy and happy one!

The Pastello Clown shorts, are our dream summer shorts, light and airy made in cotton, With a comfy elasticated super high waist, and front pockets, the double layer insures no visable underwear ;) 


Designed and made with love 

In Copenhagen Denmark 



Pastello Clown Shorts - Citrus Circus


Hi cutie! This item is made to order 

Up to 10-day construction time before postage

Meaning the item starts its life when you click buy, The fabric is cut, stitches are sewn, and details added. 
All before it is packed up safely and on its way to its new home in your wardrobe collection 


This way we only do newly produced items, that are really wanted in the world, which means less waste on the planet 🌸