Odd Lemon earrings

kr 400,00 Regulær pris
kr 300,00Salgspris

When life gives you lemons... Add a little sparkle, put them in your ears and shine all day !


Details and care:

  • Material; Leather and 925 sterling silver
  • Color: Yellow/metallic green/metallic pink 
  • The earrings are made with two layers of leather so they look god from both sides.
  • Please note: Photos are only indicative. As each item is handmade they may differ slightly.
  • Leather is the perfect material for earrings. It is lightweight and the earrings do not make any sounds when wearing them. They are super comfortable.


    Odd Lemon 
    Nansensgade 42, 1366 København 

    Tue-We 12.00-18.00
    Friday : 12.00 - 17.00

    Saturday : 12.00-15.00