Miss Monthly Flow - Sweatshirt

A Cozy soft sweatshirt for those "oh so special" days in the month, where you just need a little bit of extra love and care.


Yay! We have partnered with awesome Organicup.com to give away some menstural cups! First 30 to buy the sweatshirt gets to choose a free Menstural cup in size A or B

An menstural cup is a more sustainable way to have your period. Read more about Period cups on their website www.organicup.com.
So if you´ve always wanted to try a menstural cup here is your chance.

If you want a cup remember to write what size you want in the comment section when you check out.


Happy period !

Our Miss monthly flow runs in a unisex model
with a slight oversize, comfy fit 



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Odd Lemon is a feel good fashion brand, we try to spread the joy of dressing up, glitter and personal style, while having a focus on sustainability, local design and production.