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Dropping one style at the time we have dedicated rest of 2020 to the circus of life, cause thats what life is, right ? A circus filled with magical, scary, sad, happy and beautiful moments

With a kimono base and two layers of confetti metallic polkadot tulle overlay, this wonderful piece is sure to transform any day into a magical one! 

Inspired by the circus princess walking out onto the line, lights hitting the cape and illuminating the crowd with the metallic confetti shimmers!

Ruffled neck that ties with a pink velvet bow, and ruffled bottom. 


Designed and made with love 

In Copenhagen Denmark 



Confetti Cape - Citrus Circus

  • Hi cutie! This item is made to order 

    Up to 10-day construction time before postage

    Meaning the item starts its life when you click buy, The fabric is cut, stitches are sewn, and details added. 
    All before it is packed up safely and on its way to its new home in your wardrobe collection 


    This particualr style is "freesize" meaning most sizes can wear it - up to size XXL

    If you fall out of these size categories when buying a made to order item, you can send a e-mail with your sizing and measurements and we make it in your perfect size!

    This way we only do newly produced items, that are really wanted in the world, which means less waste on the planet 🌸


    • This style is a light and airy style made of tulle, with a velvet ribbon, 
    • The tulle has metallic applicays that will fade a bit with use 
    • This piece cannot be mashine washed. we reccomend hanging it outside to air, and handwashing if nessesary 

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