The candyfloss tee is a light and frilly delight Made from brightly colored mesh. This tee is made to dress up any outfit,pop it over a turtleneck sweater or wear it alone for a sheer seetrough look.  Freesize and boxy fit Made to fit up to a size XXL - If you fall out from our ready made sizes, just send a email along with your order nr. and we can make your custom size dreams come true.

Candyfloss tee - Classic candy - freesize


Hi cutie! This item is made to order 

Up to 10-workday construction time before postage

Meaning the item starts its life when you click buy, The fabric is cut, stitches are sewn, and details added. 
All before it is packed up safely and on its way to its new home in your wardrobe collection 

- This also mean that if you fall out of out standart sizes we can easily acommidate you, just send a E-mail along with your order 

This way we only do newly produced items, that are really wanted in the world, which means less waste on the planet 🌸