Bluebell bees Jumpsuit - Light Blue

The Bluebell bees jumpsuit is a luxurious but payfull addition to your wardrobe.
The details are key in this cutie, with a broad cape like collar and velvet drawstrings, golden rose buttons, and the most beautiful subtle jaquad bee design, in forget me not blue fabric. 


OBS. Very limited style, only 4 produced. 

Our styles are designed to fit a broad spectrum, at the moment we do two ready made sizes
01 & 02

As the Jaquad fabric was very limited, so is the jumpsuit we could sadly only do them in size 01 
But don't worry, the Bluebell Bees jumpsuit will be back in a different but just as magical fabric, in both sizes!

size 01 02
Chest 96 cm  
Hips 102 cm  
Sleeves 60 cm  

 Size 01 is based on size rage of 34-38 ( pants a 36-38 )
Size 02 is based on a size range of 40-42 

If you fall out of the ready made style sizing, we would love if you could send us a note to so we know to expand the production according to demand :)


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Odd Lemon is a feel good fashion brand, we try to spread the joy of dressing up, glitter and personal style, while having a focus on sustainability, local design and production.