One of a kind Cozy Vests -
This reamde vest has the coolest 80's pattern, scribbely geometric patterns in pink black and white! Topped with pokedot detail trimming. 
This one could be styled both very feminine and quite street style, depending on what you match her with. 


Super soft cozy vests made of vintage quiltet comforters.
Designed to be freesize with wide armholes  so you can easily wear them as an extra layer over your coat for winter, or as a cozy cover for the long cool summer evenings.
Big pockets so you can pop it on and go! 


Wear it as an vest over your outfit or style with a belt as a dress 

80's scribble - ReMade Vests


The vest is designed to be onesize and can be worn by most sizes 
open or with a belt.

Chest : 106cm ( it is a open vest so this is very flexible ) 
Length: 99cm