The Primrose One off

Hey gorgeous, we wanna talk about something else that is pretty gorgeous! The Primrose one off dresses!

The original primrose dress in made out of 100% deadstock slik and has long cuffs on the sleeves, we love the style and wanted to do a more summer appropriate update, did you know pure silk is actually super warm?

With that in mind we knew we wanted to use mostly cotton for this style. Mathilde has been collection cute vintage and recycled fabric for a few years now, accumulating a treasure-trove of 60 and 70s prints. Now we had the perfect opportunity to use them!

And so the Primrose One-offs where born, Using the original design, but this time with shorter sleeves, and in an array of psychedelic cotton color mixes

Each dress is one-off and made in a mix of recycled fabrics and 100% organic Cotton. We work closely with our wonderful seamstress Line Studio, every week we visit her in her little studio and create the different pattern mixes for the next batch of dresses, vests or work on our future designs. The best parts of the visits is getting to see the finished dresses when Line is done with them. From bits and pieces of collected fabrics, Line transforms them with her talent and attention to craft, creating quality lemon pieces that will last in your wardrobe collection.

We love this little new take on the primrose dress, and we hope you do too <3

Odd Lemon is a small feel good fashion brand, Located in Copenhagen Denmark
 We try to spread the joy of dressing up and exploring personal style
 While having a focus on sustainability, local design and production.

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