Citrus Circus collection

The Confetti Cape

Odd Lemons first little collection was released December 2019, called Lemon Dreams, you guys welcomed it with open arms, It was really a dream come true to see <3 Thank you!

This summer and spring we are launching our next collection

The Citrus Circus

A "Made to order" collection that draws inspiration from the colorful world of circus performers and the general circus of life, with magical, scary, sad, happy and beautiful moments - All in one big show

The collection is presented one style at the time, starting of with the Confetti Cape that launched the 3rd of may Next style will be dropping the 6th of June so mark the spot in your calendar! Now back to the confetti cape ;)

We knew we wanted to work with tulle, and when we saw this wonderful tulle fabric with metallic rainbow polkadots Both of us almost died, it was love at first sight and we had to make something magical with this!

Something extra that could still be worn with pretty much anything, and be a special piece in peoples wardrobe collection.

What we came up with was of cause the confetti cape, with a kimono base and two layers on top, the metallic polkadots really look like a billions little pieces of confetti flying around, the Cape ties at the neck with ruffles and a pink velvet ribbon. We can clearly imagine the circus princess walking out onto the line, lights hitting the cape and illuminating the crowd with the metallic confetti shimmers!   Designed and made with love  In Copenhagen Denmark 

We hope you enjoyed a little insight into the confetti cape, and that you are excited for the next citrus circus style, we promise it is quite amazing ;)

Love & lemons

Alice & Mathilde

Odd Lemon is a small feel good fashion brand, Located in Copenhagen Denmark
 We try to spread the joy of dressing up and exploring personal style
 While having a focus on sustainability, local design and production.

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