A limited collection inspired by 

A fairytale garden

Filled with blossoming flowers

and colourful bumblebees

buzzing sweetly around 

our odd lemons dreams




lemon dreams 

Odd Lemons first main collection is inspired by our own fairytale garden, flowers in full bloom, soft romantic hues,  60’ and 70’s feminine silhouettes that mirror the beautiful bell shape of flowers. 

The collection started with a few rolls of deadstock fabric, with a beautiful flower print, this inspired and lead to the rest of the lemon dreams collection.
 with a mix of deadstock and newly produced fabrics, this collections tries to marry clothing production with a more sustainable and creative way of thinking. 

The Primrose dress 

The Primrose dress is a voluminous but light, central piece in our collection
With big poofy romantic sleeves, adorned with golden rose buttons running along the long slim cuffs, and all the way up the font of the dress, that closes with a neckline of soft flower petals.

The style can be used both as a bell-shaped beautiful dress.
or styled open as a thin overcoat.

Made in 100 % raw handwoven slik, the soft fabric has a natural and beautiful shine and texture. 

The Bluebell bees Jumpsuit 

The Bluebell bees jumpsuit is a luxurious but payfull addition to your wardrobe.
The details are key in this cutie, with a broad cape like collar and velvet drawstrings, golden rose buttons, and the most beautiful subtle jaquad bee design in forget me not blue fabric. 

The Peony cloud coat

The Peony cloud coat is a light and voluminous coat, with frill trimmings mimicking the fluffy petals of the Peony flower. 

Wear it casually over a sweater to dress your outfit up, or as a perfect little cover for your next party dress. 

The bellflower tunic

The Bellflower Tunic is a soft and comfortable short dress, with lightly fluted sleeves, bell shaped skirt, and a flat laying petal collar.
It can be used with or without pants under (depending on your height) It is perfect with our Tulip light flare pants, as a matching set.

The tulip light flare pants
An elegant easy and comfortable pant, with a strechy waist and lightly fluted legs, this pair is perfect under our Bellflower Tunic or styled along with your own wardrobe. 

Beautiful handmade flowers by : Rie Elise Larsen Danish designer and paper artist 

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Odd Lemon 
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Odd Lemon is a feel good fashion brand, we try to spread the joy of dressing up, glitter and personal style, while having a focus on sustainability, local design and production.