Odd Lemon is a Copenhagen based fashion brand, we specialize in smile inducing Organic tee-shirts and print apparel, as well as sustainable up cycled one of a kind pieces.


We also sell a collection of handpicked vintage items that fit in with the odd.

So if you’re a bit of an odd one yourself you have come to the right place!


We want to create a community and playground for all the color loving people who refuse to dress down, just because they had to grow up.

Our focus is Feel good fashion, filled with bold colors, patterns, self-love and humoristic prints.

We want to put some color on everyday apparel, because why should you settle for less? When you can strive for more, be more, be you, be odd!


The independent Danish brand was founded in early 2018, by the colourful creative dreamer Mathilde, along with Illustrator and all around creative nerd Alice.

With no outside investments, only a dream and a passion, Mathilde left her dayjob to focus on making her dreamjob a reality.

In just over a year the brand as grown from being a small online business using Mathildes two room apartment, as their office, website stock storage, and creative playground, to opening their own small flagship store in the heart of Copenhagen.

Feel good fashion also means that we care alot about our production, all our newly produced print apparel is oeko-tex, fairwear certified  and printed in copenhagen - you can read more about our production here 
Besides our print apparel we also sell a handpicked collection of local slow fashion brands, making magic out of recycled materials.

Odd Lemon 
Nansensgade 42, 1366 København 

Tue-We 12.00-18.00
Friday : 12.00 - 17.00

Saturday : 12.00-15.00