Odd Lemon celebrates the Circus of life with colorful and high quality slowfashion pieces handmade in Copenhagen and cute accessories 

to put the cherry on top.


I know sweetie ... Life is a Circus ! So why not jump into it wearing something playful and colorful ? Something that can’t stop you from smiling !

Something that gives you the  butterflies, higher your energy and

makes you feel more like YOU


Lets add a squeeze of fun and a spoonful of magic and get the

best out it, should’nt we ?


“Life gets so much more fun when you don’t take it too serious, when you dare to be whoever you are and wear exactly what you want” 


Odd Lemon is a playground for everyone who wants to play along but especially for the ones who loves to invest in their personal style with

colors, prints and good handcrafted designs that is made to last

for many years to come. 

Odd Lemon is not trend based. 


”I don’t believe in trends, I believe in colors, patterns and getting

dressed with feelings”


I only make pieces I would love to wear myself and pieces which can be

mixed and matched in infinite ways. 

Every piece is designed by me, Mathilde Prins, and handmade in collaboration with my little and very talented sewing lab "Line Studio" 

in Copenhagen. 

To sum it up 

Odd Lemon is the place to be if you love colourful, sustainable and good handcrafted clothing, if you care about how your clothes is produced and by whom and if you like to collect pieces that is guaranteed to make

you smile and bring your wardrobe joy and happiness.


Welcome to Odd Lemon ! Im so grateful that you are here !


Love Mathilde

Founder of Odd Lemon