COVID-19 Info 
Our physical store is temporarily closed  
We are continuing sending out online orders!
There might be a slight delay in our regular delivery,
 as we pack orders once a week at the moment. 

Take care, be safe and thank you for  shopping online  
- Odd Lemon


Say Hello to 
Miss Monthly Flow

A sweatshirt made to make you smile,
at that oh so special time of the month, 
where you might be needing a little extra love and care <3 

As women our periods are often shamed away, like a giant secret half the population carries around, but we say that is bullshit!
WE BLEED and that's bloody cool!
Period !


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Odd Lemon 
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Odd Lemon is a small feel good fashion brand, we try to spread the joy of dressing up, glitter and personal style, while having a focus on sustainability, local design and production.